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Are you looking for an expert ant infestation exterminator in Perth? Quint Pest Control offers amazing and actual services to remove ants from your place. Not just that but we also provide sanitization services to prevent coronavirus. Our all-pest removal team is fully qualified and licensed to eliminate ants.

As soon as you witness any ants’ infestation signs in your home or office, call our professional pest control Perth team immediately. Our team will inspect your place and do well to eliminate all ants from your home and suggest a course of ant control in Perth.

Why choose Quint Pest Control?

Quint Pest Control is a leading and accredited pest control company in Perth and we use the most advanced methods and solutions to eradicate ants.

  • All treatment solutions that we provide are eco-friendly and trustworthy.
  • We are best for the following professionals:
  • Inspect and find ants’ nest
  • Effective Ant Removal/ Eradication
  • Same day service
  • Customize Ant Control Perth Service
  • Thorough Exploration
  • Mannerly Consumers Support

Why are ants’ control/ removal necessary?

The majority of ants really aren’t integrally dangerous. Suppose, if there’s only one ant, it’ll just roam here and there on your body without hurting you. However, this particular innocuous behaviour is normal with black ants. But red ants usually tend to be different and are those noxious ants. Although these creatures are tiny, they intensely bite and cause extreme pain.

Nonetheless, if a large percentage of ants cause harm to a person at the very same time by biting, it can be very harmful. Additionally, the red fire ant bites and even infuses poison, which may lead to anaphylaxis in a person. In exceptional cases, if a swarm of fire ants bite an individual at the same time, it may even cause death to a person. Thus, it is crucial to control ants.

Effective Ant Control Services in Perth:

From constructional harm to contamination of food, ants can be certainly in excess of an inconvenience! The ants you see out in the open are intoxicated to dispose of an invasion. Ants’ invention pathways will remain and others will simply come to have their spot. To overcome all these problems Quint Pest Control is a reputed name, which will deliver the best ant control Perth services for you.

Our pest controllers will find out the source of an infestation, treat or remove their nests and deliver complete extermination of ants from your property. Schedule Quint’s Pest Control today and get rid of ants within 24 hours. We can provide an effective and safe measure for complete control of ant movement from outside to your property.

What are ant preventive tips?

Following a few below tips will help keep ants away from your home.

  • Clean up drink and food spills right away
  • Rinse out bottles or cans before putting them into the recycling bin
  • Store food in air-tight containers
  • Seal cracks around doors and windows
  • Keep gutters and downpipes clean
  • Cover or Pick up pets food at night and don’t feed them outdoors

Signs of ants’ outbreaks on your property:

  • The frequent sight or the movements of ants in your house are the most detectable gauge of ant infestation.
  • If you find irregular findings in the kitchen of a swarm of ants, it is most likely that ants may have occupied your kitchen. They dwell anywhere in the house.
  • Searching for ant pathways will guide you in the movement of ants from outside to within. Ants leave secretions that draw other ants, thus; you can get to see the swarm.
  • Within your greenhouse, basement, balcony, or cupboards, find ants’ nests. Various species of ants make nests of countless kinds and at varied places.

Ants create together to create their nest, which appears like a huge stack of mud. Generally, in the lawn area, you can see a minute circular spec of sand which could be a sign of ant dens. Contact us at +61480092517 to call our ant control in Perth experts and ask for express booking.


Which is the most effective method for managing ants?

The most effective technique for controlling ants is ant hooks. To entice a large volume of ant species and to lure them with some nutritional needs, such baits are allied with protein / wax-based active components or sugar-based active ingredients. You can consult one of our ant control Perth specialists to help you guide for the same.

What all measures do you take to eradicate the ants’ nest?

Ant Control Perth is a renowned specialist. We follow methods of eco-friendly solutions that are non-toxic, and effective pest management. All our professionals are highly trained and certified. For more information regarding ant control management, do not hesitate to contact us any time; our team is readily available for your assistance.

How often should I get the treatment done?

It is highly recommended that you undertake care on daily basis. However, if the infestation is to a server, you can contact our Ant Control Perth team, they’ll be happy to help you. We also provide same-day pest control service; once you do the booking our team will be available at your doorstep immediately.

How can I throw away fire ants from my house?

Fire ants reinvade your house again and again from a neighboring house. Call our Ant Control Perth experts, they will send you certain instructions as to how to demonstrate the position of your house. They’ll also guide you on how to repel further infestation from these little fire ants, and if required they’ll help you do the pest control of your house.

How much time does it usually take to pest control the house?

On average, it usually takes 48 hours to verify the source of the outbreak of ants throughout your residential area. However, it takes 3-4 weeks for the entire procedure to function completely. For more details, you can call one of our Ants Control Perth specialists.

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