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A well maintained interior presents fine choices in décor. Even though you choose the best quality upholstery for your home & office maintaining & preserving it is a mandatory job. By preserving we mean keeping safe from pest infestation, wood borers to be precise. With Quint Pest Control professional pest control services restricting pests in your personal space is a child’s play.

Quint Pest Control has been delivering stellar pest control solutions like Borer control. Perth is warm most of the year; hence humidity in the atmosphere creates a favorable climate for pest infestation. Protecting your habitation from the hazards wood borers inflict is only possible through Borer control Perth.

Borer control Perth

Borers are tiny insects that feed mostly on wood. They usually attack & damage the wood furniture and timber floorings, roof tops, bearers etc. Borer are actually small larvae that grow inside the wood eating its way out and finally damaging the wood/ timber causing total collapse. Quint Pest Control uses versatile techniques with the aim of helping you with your borer infestation situation. To protect your treasured wooden décor it is crucial to opt for Borer control in Perth.

Need for borer control Perth-

Borer infestation inflicts a myriad of threats like:

  • They eat away wooden furniture, wooden floorings and timber in your home or office. They can make the entire building collapse by damaging the flooring or foundation.
  • In order to lay eggs on firewood they bore the wood completely.
  • They attack furniture made of walnut mahogany, oak, ash or even bamboo.
  • They can even damage the window panes, doors and plywood in your house.
  • Some species can also damage plants and garden area.
  • They attract forest flies into homes
  • They can lead to growth of fungi; this can cause health risks in the long run.

Methods we use at Quint Pest Control

Our customized strategy to overcome the issues caused by pest plague in both domestic & commercial spaces is what makes us different. We use the following methods for Borer control in Perth depending upon the extent of infestation & customer requirements.

  • Spot treatment- this is the most feasible method of borer control treatment. In this method paints, polyurethane and water sealants are used in order to keep the furniture or wooden objects dry. Even slightest of moisture is taken care of by proper ventilation in homes and then the object is coated with paint or polyurethane to prevent wood borers from appearing.
  • Fumigation- this method should only be performed by professionals. Fumes are created and pumped into the affected space or furniture using a machine. These fumes penetrate deep into the surface and exterminate pests completely. This method is slightly expensive but highly effective & long lasting.
  • Insecticides- A unique blend of chemicals & insecticides is sprayed to eradicate borers or any other pests. These chemicals seep into the timber/wood and act as resilient to wood borers for a long time. Our team at Quint Pest Control highly recommends this method.
  • Freezing temperature- this technique is effective for small wooden objects. The object is wrapped & freezed. After two weeks it is removed & left wrapped; this prevents water marks from condensation & helps get rid of pests.

How to identify if you have border infestation in your home?

It is crucial to identify if you have borer infestation in your home or office so that you can take necessary measures to prevent or recover the damage. Some tips by our experts at Quint Pest Control are as follows:

  • If you notice crumbled wood in and around or in corners of your home you may have wood borers.
  • Holes under carpets are also made by them.
  • Fungus on object and corners can be a sign of borers
  • Droppings, borer dust & grass in the house.
  • Ticking sound young borers make can help identify their existence.
  • Dampness in the room or timber can be favorable for the borer’s existence.
  • Presence or occurrence of worms and dead beetles is also because of borers.

Resistance is better than control-

It is always better to choose your wooden objects wisely so that you don’t need to opt for Borer control Perth time and again. Wooden objects are more likely to be ruined by borer than anything else in your house. Here are some tips you can consider:

  • Always check wooden articles for pre existing infections & infestations before spending heaps of money on the purchase.
  • Firewood should be avoided or placed away from structures.
  • Reduce humidity indoors and make sure your timber/wooden items do not get access to moisture
  • Ensure proper sanitation, drainage facilities & air ventilation in home and office.
  • Pull out patches or limbs from borer infested trees to protect the entire space from further infestation.
  • Always opt for air dried wood.

Don’t leave your home or office vulnerable to wood borers, avail our exclusive borer control in Perth for a pest free & secure household. Give us a call at 0861498751

Why pick us for borer control Perth?

  • Trained professionals- only qualified & skilled team is sent for the borer control treatment so as to ensure 100% satisfaction.
  • Organic pesticides- we know how much you care for your loved ones, hence our team carries environmental friendly chemical solutions which are children & pet safe.
  • Unmatched results- customer satisfaction is our main motive hence we guarantee unmatched & quality results when it comes to borer control Perth.
  • Pocket-friendly rates- we make pest control services available at the most reasonable rates right at your doorstep.
  • Emergency services- Quint Pest Control’s skilled team is available for same day & emergency services. We serve on weekends & public holidays with the best pest control solution anywhere & anytime.


How do you initiate the process of borer control Perth?

The first & most important process is to carefully inspect the affected area. Then our team treats it with borer control treatment with organic chemicals.

How long before I can get back into my home?

Once the solution has dried off completely you can enter the treated area.

How frequently should I get pest control treatment?

Our experts at Quint Pest Control suggest availing professional pest control every year. But it also depends on the extent & reoccurrence of infestation.

Do you provide pest control for commercial offices?

We provide all kinds of pest control services to both home & office owners.

What pests do you cover under pest control treatment?

We provide pest control solutions for :

  • Ant & lizards control
  • Spider & cockroach control
  • Wasps & bees
  • Flea& ticks control
  • Rodent control treatment
  • Borer control treatment
  • Bed Bug control treatment
  • Moth control treatment

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