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Possums are among the least loathsome but arguably the noisiest pests that we occasionally receive requests to control from our clients. Hearing thumping in the ceiling before you go to bed can be unsettling, but it is not unusual in West Swan’s metropolitan region. Of course, possums are not the only ones who make noise in the ceiling; rats will also make a ruckus upstairs, but possums do not elicit the same sentiments of disgust that rats do.

Quint Pest Control West Swan offers an eco-friendly possum removal service in West Swan that will keep not only possums out, but also many other pests, such as rats, mice, snakes, and more, allowing you and your family to sleep soundly and safely.

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Four Reasons Why You Should Get Rid Of Possums.

The Presence of Possums May Agitate Your Pets

Possums may not disturb you, but they may bother your pets. To begin with, your pet and the possum may not get along. It could result in battles in which one or both animals may be injured, or even worse, your pet contracting a possum-borne disease.

They May Create Mess Of Your Garbage

When it comes to creating a mess of your garbage cans, possums have a poor reputation. Raccoons or dogs are usually the first to arrive, and the possum just takes advantage of the opportunity to get some food for himself. When spotted at the can, the possum is usually to blame. While the possum did not cause the problem, it can exacerbate an already bad situation.

They Have The Potential To Destroy Your Home.

While you do not have to get your family tested for rabies if a possum gets into your house, you may have to deal with their huge droppings and the unpleasant odour they exude from their anal glands when frightened. Possums can transmit parasites and diseases.

Damage Your Garden

Possums stick close to what they perceive to be a reliable food source. Regrettably, this may include your garden. Possums can not only consume your plants and vegetables, but they can also trample your garden as they make their way through your yard, destroying it.

So, to protect yourself and your loved ones, call Quint Pest Control West Swan.

5 Signs Of A Possum Infestation

Damage to the building’s exterior

As possums typically enter a structure via climbing, you may notice damage to the exterior first. Possum damage frequently manifests itself on your roof in the form of damaged shingles and pulled soffit. They can even cause damage to your siding, eaves, and gutter system.

Pet Food

Cat food attracts possums. When you have a possum infestation, you may find that your cat’s food vanishes faster, especially if you have any outside cats. If you suspect possum infestation, take precautions to safeguard your cats from being injured in a possum fight. Call possum catcher West Swan to protect yourself and your four-legged family members

Screeching Sounds

Possums may make a variety of sounds, including hissing and screeching. To summon their babies, mother possums produce clicking or lip-smacking sounds. If you hear these noises within a structure, you may have an infestation or a single possum trapped inside. Call us for inspection or alive or dead possum removal West Swan service.

Scratching Sounds

Possums cause a lot of ripping, scuttling, and scratching noises when they are nesting. These noises may resemble those made by rats or mice, but you will probably notice that they are louder as they are made by a larger animal.

Furthermore, as possums do not stick to the perimeter of the attic space, you may detect scratching over a larger area with possum infestation than with any other rodent problem.

Unpleasant Smell

The smell is one of the most obvious indications of a possum infestation. Possums defecate more frequently than most mammals, and their faeces can be as big as a household cat. These wet excreta can seep into insulation and other construction materials, leaving an unpleasant odour behind.

Wiring or other building features can also trap possums, causing them to perish. The pungent odour of decomposition will alert you if you have a dead opossum in your attic. Call us today for alive or dead possum removal West Swan service.

Possum Removal Procedure

At Quint Pest Control West Swan, we follow a four-step technique to rid your property of the nuisance.


Our possum catcher West Swan team begins the removal service by doing a thorough assessment of your property for the pest and any associated damage. They will inspect every square inch of your property, identify the possum species, validate the pest’s behavioural tendencies, and assess the damage.

We will also figure out and validate the elements on your property that enticed the pest to live there.

Possum Removal West Swan Strategy

We will devise a possum removal strategy based on the findings of the inspection. It will include the method of pest removal, the removal timeframe, the place where the pest will be released, and any specific instructions for the residents.

For a transparent service experience, we will inform you of the best possum removal treatment strategy before beginning the process.


To catch the pest and remove it from your property, our possum catcher West Swan professionals will use possum traps and nest boxes. As per the Australian Government Possum Removal Guidelines, we will release the animal far away from your property.

We will also safeguard all your primary access points to your property by continuously monitoring the possum’s movement.

Possum Control

Quint Pest Control technicians will provide advice and strategies based on our inspection and findings to avoid reinfestation.

Possums will be less attracted to your home if you take the following procedures and strategies:

  • Debris and rubbish should be removed regularly to keep your property clutter-free.
  • Trim the bushes and trees close to the structure to prevent pests from getting into your home and roof.
  • Conduct regular inspections around the property to look for any damage that could allow pests to get access.

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1. What is the odour that possums despise?

Answer: Possums have a keen sense of smell, which they employ to find food. You can take advantage of this by using fragrances that they despise around areas they frequent, such as garlic, camphor, onion, molasses, hot peppers, wolf’s urine, ammonia, and pet fur, to repel them.

2. Is it true that vinegar deters possums?

Answer: You can get rid of possums with vinegar or fox urine. They wander around at night, so when your possum comes out for his or her food, spritz, or drop your vinegar at the location where she or he was last seen.

3. What is the best way to keep possums out of my garden?

  • Cover your plants, fruit, and veggies with netting or fabric bags. Netting can be used to cover the entire plant, while fabric bags can be used to cover individual plants.
  • Place barriers to discourage climbing.
  • Use a motion-activated sprinkler.
  • Hire a professional possum removal near me.

4. Which plants do possums despise?

Answer: Citronella, lavender, agapanthus, rosemary shrubs deter these wallabies. So, you can plant these plants near or around your veggies to keep possum at bay.

5. Are Australian possums in Australia hostile?

Answer: Possums are not hostile, but they tend to consume whatever they can. Plus, they seek refuge anywhere they feel safe, including inside the home’s roof.

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