Are Pest Control Chemicals Safe For Pets

Are Pest Control Chemicals Safe For Pets

Pets like cats, dogs, fishes, birds, reptiles are an adorable part of numerous Australian households. They provide a lot of joy and unconditional love to their owners which make their safety and wellbeing a high priority for pet parents. However, pests and insects in the house can also be a huge annoyance for your furry friends. Professional pest control services obviously come into picture in such scenarios.

The chemicals and products used by pest control professionals mostly are safe, pet-friendly and eco-friendly in most cases. Understand what pet-friendly pest control is, the chemicals harmful for your pets and ways you can keep your pets safe during pest control

What Is Pet Friendly Pest Control

Pet-friendly pest control approaches entail usage of practices, techniques and products that can control pests without harming or causing risk to your pets. Pest control done using this approach is intended to prioritize the safety of pets. The products and techniques used are designed particularly to reduce the chances of harm to the pets.

The Chemicals That Are Harmful For Your Pets

  • Pesticides – The level of concentration of chemicals present in pesticides can be harmful for pets. If they are ingested or even inhaled, they can enter their pores in the skin.
  • Insecticides containing carbamate – insecticides with carbamate content can cause overexcitement, damage to liver or failure. Some other chemicals can lead to fits and tremors in dogs.
  • Fumigants – Fumigants release harmful gases that can be dangerous to pets if they inhale or ingest it.
  • Rodenticides – Rodenticides are another pest control product that has chemicals that can impair the nervous system and even cause internal bleeding among pets.

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Ways You Can Keep Your Pets Safe During Pest Control

  • Careful research

Check for pest control companies that offer pet-friendly pest control services. Ensure that the pest controller is using products that will not harm your pets in any way. Research on the products and chemicals that they plan to use.

  • Speak to the pest controller

Inform the pest controller about your pets and ask them relevant questions that will help you gauge if they are a pet-friendly company. Also confirm with the vet to understand any possible safety precautions before the pest control is carried out.

Check with the pest controller if the pet bedding, bowls, toys and other objects used by the pets need to be disposed of or can still be used after thorough cleaning. Also knowing whether they follow proper precautions during and after pest control is also highly necessary.

  • Keep pets away from the treatment area

Make sure to keep pets away from the areas that would be treated by the pest controllers. You may have to keep them in a pet day-care centre or with your friends. This is for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your pets. If you have a fish or reptile tank, move it to another room which would not be sprayed. Also, cover bird cages and fish tanks with a cloth, towel or heavy blanket to safeguard them from airborne particles of chemicals.

  • Do not use DIY treatments

DIY techniques and methods available on the internet may not be able to tell you how to carry out the procedure whilst ensuring your pet is safe. Hire a responsible and reliable pest control service provider so they can eliminate the pest infestation in your home in a safe and systematic manner.

  • Let the products dry out completely

Do not open or access any pest-treated areas before the products have dried out completely. Pets that are restless and curious may lick, inhale or ingest the chemicals when it is still wet. Let the applied products dry out completely and then ventilate the room before allowing the pests inside.

Not all pest control chemicals are toxic for pests. A certified pest control company offering pet-friendly services will avoid using any harmful ones. If you are a pet parent, then you must find a pest controller offering pet-friendly services.

It is always a good idea to check with your pest controller and have all your queries solved well in advance. Letting them know about the pet breed and chemical sensitivity ahead of the appointment is helpful in safeguarding your pets.

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