Termite Control Perth

Termite Control Perth

Termites are insects that hail from the cockroach family. They are also considered to be the predecessors of the cockroaches commonly seen in households. Their main food is wood, grass, animal excreta, cardboard, cotton, leaf litter, furniture, soil, etc. Termites have medicinal properties and hence have been used in the manufacturing of several traditional medicines. Many scientists have attempted to make use of its body parts for replacing fossil fuels with renewable and non-conventional energy sources. But when alive, the harm they are capable to induce to households in a matter of few days is downright scary. They can destroy your furniture and make you suffer from huge losses each year thus also necessitating termite protection for your Perth home. Termites are very minute and hard to detect. That is the main reason, you won’t even realize their presence and the need for termite treatment services!

Quint Pest Control is the best service provider dealing with termite pest control in and near Perth. With our best termite control Perth technicians, we strive to provide termite pest control services to perfection. Our termite pest control team utilizes the best and most sustainable chemical solutions that are safe for the health of your loved ones. Our termite treatment Perth techniques aim to provide complete elimination of termites. Call us for availing the services of our termite control team on 0861498751 immediately. You are just a call away from getting termite protection for your Perth property.

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Termite Treatment Services Process

Listed ahead are a few techniques used for Termite Control Perth.

Tracking systems for termite identification and control

Systems are installed for termite monitoring when any property has a termite problem. It can also be used once termite pest control is done and the infestations need to be tracked and kept tab on in the future. Such monitoring and tracking system needs to be overhauled every few months. By tracking the system, termite movement & infiltration is firstly identified and then removed. Thus the danger of termite exploiting your property is greatly controlled.

Termite Dusting

This termite treatment Perth method aims to terminate the colonies created by termites from its root. We at Quint Pest Control use termite dusting technique along with the other procedures for getting rid of termites from homes and offices. This method involves the use of a highly careful and systematic approach & it works best at properties with huge levels of termite infestation. The surfaces infested with termites are covered with dust. We make use of highly effective chemicals that deliver superior results along with less harmfulness.

Chemical Soil Treatment

In this particular termite treatment service, the soil around the building structure is laced with a chemical compound by our termite pest control team. That way newer termites cannot enter the building and the existing ones cannot obtain moisture for survival from the soil. Our exterminators at Quint Pest Control are capable & competent to handle termite infestation in homes, factories, businesses and offices.

Termite Baiting

Termite baiting is a recent & ecological way to control termites effectively. Baits are the preferred method amongst resident of Perth to remove termites safely from the interiors of buildings. The termite pest control team of Quint Pest Control places material in the areas where there is termite presence. When combined with the termite tracking system inside the premises it makes it possible to ring an early warning to the residents when termites attempt to attack the building. Termite baits are an excellent alternative when the chemicals used for destroying the termite colonies are ineffective.

Why Choose Us?

Quint Pest Control is a pest control agency that expertly deals with all sorts of pest infestations. Years of experience and skilled Termite Treatment Services technicians have made us the best termite control in Perth.

We conduct termite inspection and termite pest control in conformance with Australian Standards 3660.

We provide you with a report that contains detailed findings and recommendations. According to that we also suggest the corrective plan of action.

We also provide pre-purchase termite inspection to those looking to finalize a property for purchase.

Our Termite Control & Termite treatment Perth technicians make sure to destroy huge colonies of termites with precision.

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Get in touch with the professional termite pest control team at Quint Pest Control and get freedom from the annoying termites that are eating out on your furniture and peace of mind! Get highly impressive Termite Control Perth and reliable Termite treatment Perth at affordable rates. So, if there are too many termites in your property, nip them in the bud! Call our termite control team on 0861498751 immediately.


White ants and termites look very similar. Are both the same thing?

Yes. Both the mentioned insects are basically the same thing.

Do termites feed on wood?

Yes, they not only eat away on wood but also on grass, cardboard, clothes fabric, animal faeces etc.

How much damage termites cause in Australia?

The property damage is estimated going up to 4-5 billion dollars is incurred every year in Australia.

Is a termite treatment costly?

Yes, termite pest control is considered a bit little expensive in comparison to the pest control methods for other insects owing to the complexity of procedures and different techniques. Quint Pest Control specializes in providing termite treatment Perth and at economical and affordable prices.

I saw a line of termites running on the insides of my sofa. What do I do now?

Contact Quint Pest Control for immediate termite protection for your Perth property. As doing any other thing may only lead to the termites making homes elsewhere in your house and then it will become a more complex task for our termite treatment technicians in Perth to locate them.

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