Dead Animal Removal Perth

Quick and Discreet Dead Animal Removal in Perth

Recently, you have placed baits around the house and now you have the unpleasant odour of a dead animal coming anywhere from your house. Then, contact us here at Quint Pest Control and we can help you with dead animal removal in Perth.

Dealing with animals like rodents infestation can lead to dead animals that you should get rid of. When an animal dies a closer look must be given to different control methods, it is crucial to look at affected area points. Looking at wall cavities and roof cavities to see where the animals might have entered is an important prevention method. Dead animals must be removed from your property and home immediately.

Why choose us?

Quint Pest Control provides same-day pest control and dead animal removal services across most Perth suburbs. Also, we ensure to remove it in a timely and efficient manner.

To be safe from rabbits, cats, and dogs, rodents, or possums get trapped in the roof or other sections of the home. As a result, at times, you can even notice the carcass of these animals behind the wall; or even get a bad odour of these dead animals. When you hire us for our dead animal removal services, we can help you track down the source of the odour and dispose of the dead animal hygienically and efficiently.

You can easily identify whether or not the possums have died in your property, or nearby, as you witness a foul stink for about 2 months. Furthermore, there would be an accumulation of bacteria, flies, and worms over the carcass. When you get any of the indications, you need to avail yourself of our dead animal removal Perth services immediately. At Quint Pest Control, our professionals are working 24×7 hours, with complete guaranteed results and full safety to you and your family. With the help of the latest technologies and biodegradable techniques, we remove dead animals from your property.

Once the procedure gets completed, our professionals sanitize and deodorize that place so that no odour is left behind. Thus, if you want to wipe out dead animals without any damage to your property contacts us at 0480092517. We are happy to serve dead animal removal in Perth at an affordable price.

The characteristics that set us apart:

  • 24×7 emergency and same-day services are delivered from our end.
  • 20+ years of experience in removing dead animals.
  • Perform safe dead animal removal techniques
  • 100% guaranteed results and customer satisfaction
  • Our professionals use advanced tools for dead animal removal in Perth
  • We promise 100% customer satisfaction
  • We have IICRC certified and licensed technicians with us
  • We cover areas in Perth

Importance of Professional Dead Animal Removal Perth:

  • At Quint Pest Control, our qualified and certified local dead animal removal experts will not only enter private property to remove a dead animal but will also clean up or disinfect your home.
  • Effective removal of dead animals involves the proper disposal of corpses, deodorization of the affected area, and disinfection of surrounding areas. You cannot do these things all by yourself, professional help is required.
  • It is recommended not to handle dead animals, even with gloves on; also disposing of inappropriately may result in the contamination of groundwater.
  • Due to the above reasons, it is recommended that the homeowners must rely on professional wildlife specialists to remove and dispose of a dead animal. Our experienced dead animal removal Perth technicians have the equipment essential to legally, safely, and sanitarily dispose of any dead animals.

Reliable Dead Animal Removal Perth Services:

Creepy creatures like rodents, raccoons, possums, etc. are one of the endangered animals. However, by law, you are not allowed to kill them even if they are creating a disturbance to your land. You need to remove them safely. Most of the time, they often die because of their activities, including chasing a dog or cat, eating rabbit baits, or jumping here and there, being stuck in the roof or some part of the building. Sometimes, the corpse of the animals can be witnessed behind the wall. Finding rotting bodies of animals can be dreadful. Our experts work 24×7 hours a day. With complete protection and safety, we will provide dead animal removal in Perth.


Will you help me remove a dead rodent animal stuck in my chimney?

Yes, of course, our technicians will help you remove the dead animal from the chimney. Call us at 0480092517  and our representative will send a professional team to your doorstep. They will first inspect the area and remove the dead animal and then will sanitize your roof properly.

Will the rats re-enter my property once removed?

No, our technicians seal the holes on the roof which were the rat’s entry points. Also, we take them at a substantial distance away. Moreover, our technicians skilfully remove any other vegetation, which was used by it for entering your commercial and residential property.

What things do rodents dislike?

There are few things that rodents dislike:

They do not like the smell of stinky plants like margaritas, geraniums, chrysanthemums, and mint trees.

They hate any sort of illumination, such as porch lights, spotlights, or party reflectors.

They dislike trappers because trappers strip possums from their territories.

How much do you charge to remove a dead animal?

Well! The answer to this question depends on the situation where the animal is dead, and the techniques that would be required to remove the dead animal from your property. A considerable part of the time gets utilized while scrutinizing the entire area to find the affected area points. Call us today and book our skilful dead animal removal in Perth.

I doubt there’s a possum in my garden. How do I recognize?

You can recognize possum in your garden by a sign like:

Plants and outside furniture bit from some side

Marks of paws or tail

Bad odour

Chewing marks on a plant matt

Consumes food and vegetation

Screeching sound at night

Droppings of food residues

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