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As a pet owner flea infestation can be a nightmare to you. Flea treatment only for your pets is not going to be sufficient. In order to get rid of this problem completely you need professionals like that at Quint Pest Control to exterminate fleas from your entire household.

Quint Pest Control has been providing groundbreaking flea control in Perth. We take pride in helping countless families & their pets live healthily with our excellent flea control. Perth is a humid city that makes flea infestation a common issue these days.

Flea control Perth

Flea scientifically called Siphonaptera usually enters your household through pets. They are found outdoors and get attached to your pet or hide in pet fur. Their bites cause irritation in pets, so if you notice your pet excessively scratching itself it is probably because of fleas. They don’t cause harm to humans directly except for human fleas. They are usually found on hairy pets like:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels
  • Hamsters
  • Domesticated animals

They often lay eggs on pets or their belongings & multiply rapidly. However the eggs don’t remain attached to your pets, they hatch on upholstery like carpets, sofa, rugs, floorings, furniture, beddings and even in the corners or cracks in floor.

Threats fleas inflict:

Fleas are a nuisance; they are not only harmful to your pets health but also to you. Especially if you have senior citizens, children or pregnant/lactating mothers at home. If you don’t avail professional flea control in Perth flea inflict several threats like:

  • Their bite may not really harm a human but if not treated by a doctor can cause long lasting skin allergies.
  • Fleas attract other pests like tapeworm; your pets are more likely to be attacked by tapeworms. At times even the pet owners get tapeworms if they come in contact with their affected pets.
  • They infest rats & mice and can cause a jaundice outbreak in your household.
  • Pets infested with fleas tend to develop skin allergies & have tiny red bumps all over their body.
  • People suffer from anemia & iron deficiency because of flea infestation. Pale gums & weakness are common symptoms of it.

Professional flea control Perth

  • Getting rid of fleas completely or eradicating them is a tough job indeed. Availing professionals help has two major advantages:
  • Professionals hold the right kind of knowledge & qualification to perform the task. They know all pests and how to handle them.
  • Moreover they are armed with the right kind of tools & pesticides for flea control Perth.
  • Our proficient team at Quint Pest Control hold years of experience in pest extermination; our consistent & unique flea control treatment is always in demand amongst pet owners.

Importance of pet treatment

Merely cleaning the home is not sufficient, availing a flea treatment under the observation of a veterinarian doctor is very crucial for your pet’s health & safety. Preventing flea infestation on pets is almost impossible but by taking proper care of their fur & their belonging flea infestation can be tackled. We know how delicate & important your pets are to you hence we use organic chemical solution while treating affected spaces especially where your pet feeds or sleeps so as to ensure that no harm is caused to them by the flea control in Perth.

Tips to prevent flea infestation:

  • Timely vacuuming & dusting the entire house or office in order to prevent dirt, germs & pests from entering your space.
  • Make sure to dispose of the vacuum packets far away without opening them.
  • Keep your pets well groomed & clean, in case you notice even single flea or tick avail treatment immediately.
  • Don’t leave moisture unattended. Humidity & moisture create a favorable atmosphere for pests to survive.
  • Ensure proper air ventilation and exposure of sunlight into homes. This naturally keeps pests away

Services we offer:

Other than flea control in Perth we also serve extermination & protection from various pest species like:

  • Silverfish control
  • Cockroach control
  • Ants control
  • Spiders control
  • Lizards control
  • Wasps & bees control
  • Termites control
  • Rodents control
  • Wood borer control etc

Quint Pest Control has been delivering prompt & reliable pest control services all over Perth. So if you are in need of a flea control treatments for your residential or commercial space get in touch with us at 0861498751

Why us?

  • Pet safe pesticides- We use only eco-friendly and pet safe chemical solutions with zero alkaline contents so that they neither cause harm to the environment nor to your pets health.
  • Experienced team- our team is qualified, trained & experienced to execute the flea control in Perth. They have a sound knowledge of pests and know what exactly needs to be done.
  • Cost effective services- At Quint Pest Control you will get the most cost effective flea control treatment. Also no hidden charges are imposed.
  • Emergency services- We are available to serve you 24/7, we provide emergency & same day pest control to our customers in need. Furthermore we serve on weekends & public holidays too.
  • Customer satisfaction- We have gained a loyal customer base with our excellent & reliable pest control services. Customer satisfaction is what we truly aim to achieve with our services.


What is the process you follow?

The team initially inspects the affected area carefully and then comes up with a customized solution to your pest problems. A unique pesticide formula is created to exterminate fleas and final check is conducted to ensure 100% results.

Do you also serve commercial flea control Perth?

Yes we provide flea control treatment to both commercial & residential clientele

Do you charge extra for treatment on weekends?

No, our charges remain the same even on weekends & public holidays.

Do you provide end of lease service?

We understand how crucial it is for tenants to keep the home in pristine condition before they shift. Hence we also provide end of lease pest control to give you a pest free home.

Is it fine to clean the home after pest control?

Cleaning your home or office before the pest control treatment is done is advised by our experts for better results.

24/7 Same Day Appointments available