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Professional Moth Control in Perth

Moths are innocuous bugs that will not immediately hurt people. However, they can harm food and fabric materials like wood, leather and fur. Moths are difficult to distinguish as they hide in dark places of cabinets, storerooms and closets. Moth invasion is ruinous and a question of worry as flour plants and pastry kitchens endure substantial misfortunes consistently because of them. But, you do not need to worry about it now as you have found us.

Quint Pest Control has an expert team specialised in moth control. Our experience, strategies and effective methods make us who we are today. Our clients are always happy with the outcome we give. We comprehend that moth pervasion is hazardous and ruinous. You may endure misfortunes because of this particular butterfly-looking bug. However, not any longer, we are here to save you from the threats brought about by these minuscule pests. We thrive to provide the best moth control in Perth. Connect with us to know more.

Why Hire Us for Moth Control in Perth?

Quint Pest Control is one of the most famous names when it comes to pest control in Perth. We have been in this industry for decades and we know how to treat each pest without any damage to the place. Our experts are certified for the job and have plenty of experience in handling all types of pests. Here are some highlights of our services, have a look:

  • Finest moth control services at affordable range
  • Expert local moth controllers
  • Hassle-free services
  • 24/7 customer support and on-site services
  • Same day moth control in Perth
  • Emergency pest control
  • Best tools and equipment
  • Safe and green chemicals for pest control

We understand that you must be stressed by the infestation of the pests at your place. But do not worry, we are here to make your place moth-free. Get in touch with us right away for top-notch services of moth control in Perth.

Signs of Moth Infestation

Identifying moths is not an easy job as they vary in colour, size, shapes and so on. However, we have given the most appropriate signs that will confirm moth infestation at your place. Have a look at it:

  • Adult moths slithering around at home – If you notice grown-up moths that fly around the home but do not crawl then this can be an indication of a potential moth invasion.
  • Little moths in the pantry – Small moths fly around and be close to your place. If you distinguish them anyplace in your home, it is an ideal opportunity to call an expert moth control services.
  • White caterpillars and Cocoons might be available in dry food things – Often unattended food that lay in certain sides of the washroom may attract cocoons and white caterpillars. The time you discover any of them, it is best to recruit professional moth control services.
  • Silky tube-like structures where moth larvae are present – These may likewise be found in the profound internal parts of the storeroom or closets.
  • Caterpillar moth with food:- Caterpillar silk as the web might be found weaved with little bits of food.

A significant issue with moth invasion is that it gets late when you identify them. This is because these little irritations manage their job quickly in far off regions in the house where we hardly sneak in, possibly to find when our precious textures have been harmed.

So, in any above-mentioned case, you have to take quick action and call us immediately. Moths can damage your food and may pose health threats. Hence, it is always better to conduct an inspection. You can call us for moth control if you are sure about their infestation. If not, you can connect with us and hire our professionals for an inspection. Get in touch with us now.

Benefits of Moth Control Services

Moths can defile your food items with their dung. Genuine illnesses may happen on the off chance that you devour such food unconsciously. Moths mostly damage garments, covers, and other materials. Further, when our skin interacts with such materials, this may trigger an unfavourably susceptible response like an allergy or skin irritation. Also, living with these pests is not an option. You have to get rid of them. By hiring professionals for moth control, you will not have to worry about these consequences anymore. Connect with us right away and we will solve this issue. We provide the safest and effective moth control in Perth. Call us now and be assured of our excellent services.

Quint Pest Control works 24/7 for emergencies and quick customer support services. If you want to get rid of these pests immediately then you can call us anytime. Also, we provide same day moth control in Perth so your place will be pest-free within the same day of the booking. Hurry up and make sure your place is completely safe for you by eliminating pests of all types. Our experts are professional, friendly and polite. Once you hire us, our expert will reach your place and start with an inspection. Connect with us right away.


How much time does it take for the moth to infest a house?

Moth’s breeding process is continuous, hence they can infest your entire place within a very short period.

How can moths be harmful to humans?

Moths contaminate food items and cause allergies if you get in touch with the items contaminated by moths.

Which household items can be damaged by moths?

Moths can infest food items, woollen clothes, carpets, upholsteries and similar items.

Which food items can be commonly infested by moths?

Grains, cocoa powder, coffee and flour are some of the food items that are commonly infested by moths.

Why is it necessary to get rid of moths?

Moths damage food items and other valuable things such as clothes and upholsteries. These pests also cause skin irritations and other allergies. Hence, it is always better to get rid of them by calling professionals.

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