Get Rid of Wood Borers

Get Rid of Wood Borers

Finding insects such as wood borers destroying the foundation of your home or the wooden furniture in your home is an annoying experience. This pest will eventually damage the structural strength of your home in the long run. Moreover, these pests are also capable of exposing your home towards other pest infestations. Hence, it is essential that you opt for professional pest control services and treatments with time for removing borers and their larvae from your home.

For timely treatment and intervention, one also needs to know what the identification signs of this pest are and the possible home remedies that can be carried out for eliminating the infestation. Read this blog to understand what the signs of wood borers are and the home remedies that can help contain their infestation:

Signs To Identify Wood Borer Infestation

  • Floorboards that feel damaged, and lacking solidity indicate a wood borer infestation.
  • Coming across larvae, active wood borers, eggs anywhere in your home is a sign of wood borer infestation.
  • Crumbling and collapsing wooden furniture also is a sign of it being damaged by a wood borer species.
  • Spotting sawdust and frass near the wooden furniture, flooring, doors and windows is also a sign of a wood borer colony in your home. 
  • Finding oval or round holes and tunnels inside wooden furniture, chairs, tables, or any other wood-based articles around the house also indicates the chances of a wood borer infestation. 

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The Most Common Wood Borers in Australia

Wood borers are a type of beetle that eat wooden furniture. Some of them are a serious threat while some are just a plain annoyance for home-owners. Nonetheless, one should be aware of all of them to prevent any expensive damage to their property. Mentioned below are some types of wood borers found in Australia:

  • Powderpost Beetle

These wood-boring beetles are small, brown insects with a size ranging between 3-19 mm. They are known to damage wooden flooring, equipment, starchy items, softwood, furniture and décor items. These beetles drive holes in various wooden items reducing them to powder.

  • European House Borer

These wood borer species are brown in colour with red legs and antennae. They typically feed on the outer living layers in trees like pine, fir, spruce and more. Their diet is resin-based which means they also attack new as well as old constructions. 

  • Common Furniture Beetle

Common furniture beetles are oval-shaped and brown in colour. They can attack softwood, hardwood, damp wooden flooring, and basements. 

  • Queensland Pine Beetle

It can be identified with its oval, furry and reddish-brown coloured body.  These beetles attack flooring, walls and furniture and does not stop till the particular thing collapses completely. They are also known to infest damp structural beams. 

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Home Remedies For Treating Wood Borers

Firstly, you need to find out the status of the infestation whether it is active or inactive. Mentioned below are some remedies that you can then apply for eliminating wood borers from your home:

Borate products

Products with a borate base are highly effective in eliminating borers from wooden articles and protecting them from getting infested again. All you need to do is to follow the instruction manual given with the bottle and then coat the wood with the solution carefully and uniformly. 

Borer-specific insecticides

Insecticides that are designed specifically for eliminating beetles are also helpful in getting rid of these pests before they get a chance to destroy your home. You need to mix it properly with water or any other prescribed liquid. Then begin spraying on baseboards, around doors and windows, gaps and cracks in walls, attics, sheds, vents, basements and more.

Insecticides mixed with additives

Another good way to utilize an insecticide for eliminating wood borers is by mixing it with paint or varnish or polyurethane. This mixture can then directly be applied to the infested wood. One can also spray this solution on doors and windows, edges of the rooms, places behind or below your furniture, and gap between walls and baseboards.

Cold and heat treatments

You can place the infested wooden articles in the sunlight for some days. Alternatively, you can also place the same in a freezer for a day. Either ways, the cold and the heat are natural agents that can kill the larvae and adult beetles present inside. If you are using artificial heat devices, then you need to raise the temperature 140-150 degree Fahrenheit for a few hours.

Dry out the wood and seal cracks in it

The trick to repel and remove borers is to take away the moisture as they are attracted to damp wood. By using a dehumidifier you can keep the indoor humidity levels in check. Further, find and seal any cracks, openings and crevices on walls, outer portions of the building, floors, furniture, etc. as these could facilitate the entry and movement of wood borers into the home.


Fumigating the wood with a fogger is by far the most efficient way to get rid of wood borers in your home in a fast and easy manner. However, you need to exercise a lot of caution and care if you decide to use the fumigation technique for eliminating borers from your furniture and premises. You should cover the treated portions properly and make sure to leave the house for a few hours so that the fumes would not cause any harm to anyone.   

Mineral turpentine

Upturn the furniture and pour mineral turpentine in all the tunnels and holes created by the borers. Also apply it below the frame, on the bottom of the feet which is a common spot for borers to lay eggs. Keep it outside and let it dry thoroughly. 

Final Word

Wood borers can cause significant damage to wooden structures and furniture. While professional treatment is often necessary, there are also several home remedies that can help prevent and treat wood borer infestations.

Wood borers cause a lot of damage to residences. Hence, if you find any signs of damage across the property due to wood borers, call in a professional pest controller specializing in eliminating wood borer infestations of various scales. Consulting a professional can prevent a lot of expensive damage and possible replacement of your furniture.

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