How to Get a Possum Out of Your Garage

How to Get a Possum Out of Your Garage

Cold weather makes many pests scamper inside human homes for shelter and relief from the chilly air. Possums are no exception to that. They also enter homes through overhanging tree branches and vegetation. The garage thus becomes a safe spot for these pests irrespective of the season.

However, the good news is that possums can be scared off and deterred from entering your garage with the help of different tactics. This blog speaks about some techniques and procedures to achieve the same:

Signs of a possum infestation

Have a look at their droppings – Their droppings are bigger than that of rats and mice. You will find plenty of them in the same place if there is an infestation in your property.

Loud commotion – These pests can create a racket and a huge commotion if they feel threatened due to the other pests around. If you begin noticing strange sounds, squeaking and scratching coming from your garage then that indicates the presence of possums in there.

Horrible smell – Possums smell horrible and even more awful than a garbage can. Therefore, a strong, intolerable smell coming from your garage for no reason is a possibility that there are possums hiding in there.

How to get a possum out of your garage?

While getting a possum out of your garage can be challenging, you need to understand that making the surroundings inhospitable for them is key to their removal. However, you need to make sure that you don’t hurt them as they are a protected animal.

  • Bright lights

Bright lights can be used to your advantage to scare the possums off of your garage. Install a few bright lights in your yard to repel these creatures from your premises. You can also shine a flashlight in their face which can frighten them and drive them off your house. Motion-activated lights can also achieve the same purpose of scaring them and eventually keeping them off your house.

  • Loud noises

Blasting loud music on your speaker can be used to irritate the possums and drive them off! Simply placing an electronic device in your garage that plays buzzing and whirring sounds also can serve the same purpose of removing possums from your garage. Placing a portable radio near the garage also will give them the false feeling of being surrounded by people causing them to take off from your garage.

  • Colourful pinwheels

Installing colourful pinwheels near the garage also can scare the possums off. The wheels on it will rotate by way of wind which will make the possums run away from your garage.

  • Remove any food and shelter sources

Make sure there are no food sources present in the garage. Likewise, also look for any warm items that maybe used by them as bedding. Taking out these items can make the place unwelcome and useless for them after which they would no longer like to occupy the place.

  • Move the trashcan

Make sure the trashcans are nowhere near the garage. This will take away another food source from the possums. Seal the trashcans securely so they would not be able to access its insides. Litter fallen outside the trashcans also can feed the possums. So you need to make sure you are throwing any kind of garbage inside the can and also sealing it shut tightly.

  • Possum traps

Possum traps are available with the local council which you can then use to trap this pest. After which, you would have to get in touch with your licensed pest control service provider to have them to relocate the possum.

Possums are capable of causing a lot of damage across your house. You cannot imagine the amount of damage they can pull off if trapped or living in the garage!

You may end up spending a lot of time in finding the damage caused to items like sports equipment, yard tools, outdoor supplies, seasonal items and of course your car! Carry out the above-mentioned tips and tricks to easily scare off possums living for free in your garage. If the possums do not budge, do not forget to get a certified possum catcher from the nearest pest control service.

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