How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are persistent pests that can survive even for a year without food. They stay inside cracks and crevices in beds, mattresses, behind wallpapers, in curtain folds, bed frames etc. It is necessary to opt for professional assistance for getting rid of a bed bug infestation completely. Read ahead to know more about how one can get rid of these pests. This blog is a guide for homeowners who have been looking for long-term solutions for the bed bug issue in their property.

Identifiers of a bed bug infestation

  • Reddish-brown stains appearing on mattresses, sheets, couches, chairs, cushions, pillows and other linen is a sign you could look out for identifying an infestation of bed bugs in your property.
  • If you find bites on arms and feet that become itchy and swollen also is a sign of bed bug infestations. You will experience bites that are present on the skin in a straight line.
  • One can also identify bed bug infestations by the shed skin flakes of bed bugs, empty shells of eggs and active bed bugs in the premises.
  • A distinct, musty and sweet smell in your surroundings also is a possible sign of bed bugs in your premises.
  • The presence of faecal matter of bed bugs that resembles tiny black and dark stains is also a sign of a bed bug infestation in your home.

Factors that draw bed bugs to homes and households

The presence of certain factors in homes is attractive for bed bugs. They prefer to live in properties that provide these in abundance. Some of the responsible factors are as mentioned below:

  • Humidity – Households that have humidity as well as warmth are highly preferable for bed bugs. The presence of high moisture levels in a property can be attractive for these pests.
  • Carbon dioxide – Human beings give out carbon dioxide which is the highest at night. This draws bed bugs to the premises.
  • Unclean laundry – Bed bugs are attracted to dirty, unclean and unwashed laundry that you leave on the floor. The dirty laundry gives them a place to hide and the warmth that they require.
  • Bedding that is dark in colour – Linen and bedding that are dark-coloured are also attractive for bed bugs. Such places give them a place to hide and also act to disguise them from human beings.

Household remedies to get rid of bed bugs

Homeowners can get rid of bed bugs using the ingredients that are easily available in households. Some products and ingredients that can eliminate bed bugs are as mentioned below:

  • Baking Soda

Baking soda can be a household cooking and cleaning product that can also be used for getting rid of bed bugs from your house. You just need to sprinkle baking soda on all areas around the house that you spot bed bugs in. Vacuum the areas thoroughly thereafter and repeat this process for a few times again for eliminating bed bugs from your house.

  • Rubbing alcohol

You need to spray rubbing alcohol on cracks and crevices, areas below the bed and furniture, in wall cavities in your bedroom that are used by bed bugs. Spraying it directly on live bed bugs and the entry points is also effective in killing these pests and also their eggs respectively.

  • Steam cleaning

A steam cleaner can help in eliminating bed bug colonies from your home in an effective manner. Bed bugs in mattresses, sheets, pillow covers, curtains and box spring can be dealt with effectively using steam. The steam cleaning machines disturb the surfaces that have bed bug eggs thus loosening them and making it easier to remove them. Steam usage is an eco-friendly way to get rid of bed bugs and their colonies from homes and you can see results in 20 minutes to an hour.

  • Freezing

Freezing treatments can be used when the objects to be treated are small like purses, bags, clothing and other items. These treatments can be used effectively in removing eggs, nymphs and adult bed bugs from a number of other objects and surfaces.

  • Vacuuming

Bed bugs and their eggs in your bed, mattresses, upholstery, walls and other areas can be easily removed with regular vacuuming. Brushing these portions first is necessary to agitate the eggs. Vacuuming after that can then do away with the active bed bugs and their eggs from the different hiding spots they use to stay inside during the day. Do not forget to dispose the vacuum bag inside. Clean out the vacuum after the entire cleaning process.

  • Bed bug interceptor traps

Bed bug interceptor traps are effective non-chemical tools that can help get rid of bed bugs. To trap bed bugs and prevent them from climbing furniture legs, you must arrange them under the legs of the furniture. You can either create your own DIY traps or purchase one from the market. Once every 10 to 12 days, check the interceptors.

  • Hot water treatment

Hot water is potent enough to get rid of bed bugs and their eggs present in your bedding, linens, sheets, clothes, blankets and comforters. Wash these items in hot water or the highest temperature water as allowed for the fabric. Place them in the dryer afterwards on the highest setting which will prevent any traces or eggs of bed bugs to remain inside. This way, it would be possible to do away with the bed bug colonies living in your bedding and the bed sheets.

  • Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is another product to consider when you need to do away with the bed bugs in your home. This powder will act to dehydrate the bed bugs and kill them one by one. You may begin seeing results in a week after the application.

A bed bug infestation can be really frustrating. Carrying out the above-mentioned remedies can be really effective for their elimination. You would want to consult a professional and experienced pest exterminator when faced with bed bug infestation issues that keep returning. Recurring bed bug issues are a sign that you need to opt for professional bed bug control services.

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