How To Stop Possums Running On The Roof

How To Stop Possums Running On The Roof

Possums can be found even in the biggest cities of Australia. Of them, ringtail and brushtail possums are the highly flexible ones. They are nocturnal creatures who emerge at night in search of food from treetops, on roofs and along fences and utility outlets to save themselves from coming under a car or getting bitten by a bigger stray.

Even though possums are generally scared of people and will not attack humans they can still be troublesome since they eat flowers and fruit growing in our backyards. The Brushtail Possum also makes ceilings and roofs into their home. Therefore if you worry about having seen a possum living in your roof, read this blog to get proper guidance to how to stop possums running on roof. That will help move them away from your property in a gentle manner. 

How Do I Know If There Are Possums in My Roof?

In some cases, people mistake rats for possums for the disappearance of their fruits or garden produce. However, if you experience gnawing sounds coming from the roofs or walls, they are indicative of rats as they need to constantly sharpen their front teeth. You may hear thumping sounds, coughing and hissing if there is a possum in your roof. Stains on the ceiling or scents similar to ammonia are also signs of possums in your premises.

 To differentiate with the help of droppings, possums and rats both usually have black pellet-shaped excreta. With the size ranging from around 7 mm for rats to more than 15 mm for possums. You may find rat excreta in a scattered condition around their nesting areas, whereas possum excreta is more probable to be found below a tree.

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How Do Possums Enter Into a Roof?

Possums get access into homes through the eaves, roof cavity and the nearest overgrown trees having branches leaning into the property. If a Brushtail Possum is able to get head first into the space in the roof, then it will definitely manage to get its entire body in too. Older constructions also have gaps in their roof cavities that can facilitate the entry of possums inside the property.

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How Do I Stop Possums Running On My Roof?

Possums typically come to your roof only for the following mentioned reasons. They are either living on top of your roof, inside your roof or making use of your roof to get to some other property in the neighborhood. 

Keeping possums from running on a roof, is a tricky proposition as it is impossible to stop them from accessing plumbing, utility pipes or power lines. They will in all likelihood also access droopy tree branches to use your roof. Which is why the only plausible solution here is to trim branches of trees from time to time to keep them from touching the soffits and guttering.

Possums can also make use of the ornamental framework and other decorative portions of the structure for climbing up and about your roof. Wrapping plastic or metal around such portions can prevent them from getting in grip for climbing up and down using them.

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How Can I Prevent Possums From Returning To My Roof?

To prevent possums from returning to your roof, consider implementing the following strategies:

Ultrasonic devices 

Possums prefer sleeping through the day and keeping a light in the roof cavity switched on for a few days in a row can act as a deterrent for these pesky pests. Likewise, using ultrasonic devices with motion sensors that can emit sound can also scare the possums away. This is a good alternative for people searching for ways to stop possums running across my roof.

Food sources

Possums are drawn towards properties that offer them with easy food. Do not leave any food scraps on the outdoor grills. Clean up after your pets after their meals as scraps of pet food can also be a food source for possums. Ensure dust bins are shut off tight with a metallic lid.

Do not feed birds the late afternoon. Use a bird-feeder for the same and move it indoors after evening. Pick up scattered and spoiled fruits before they are picked up by possums and other pests. 

Try not to feed possums on purpose. They may become habitual to the food and turn violent if they are denied food again.

All these measures will help you if you want to know how to remove a possum from my roof.

Substances with a strong odour

Spraying disinfectant or quassia chip solution on the portions used by possums can help in banishing their original scents. This will keep off the possum and prevent it from entering your property. Possums also have a tendency to get repelled by the smells of garlic, mothballs and ammonia. Use this ingredients to ward off possums from your property in no time. 

Possum boxes 

Buy or make a possum box and fix it on a tree ensuring to fix it several feet above the ground. Place fruits such as apples, pears or grapes near and inside the box so as to draw the possum to the box. Giving them an alternate shelter will protect them from predators, birds, and your pets. If they have a nest to live in they will also avoid venturing into your home. This will also stop possums running on roof.

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Can I Trap a Possum Myself?

Possums are protected under the Nature Conservation Act 1992. Which makes it illegal to trap and relocate them except if you have a licence for the same.

If you do receive a permit, you can obtain wire mesh traps from your local councils which you can rent. Place the trap in the roof void or near any potential entry point used by the possum. Inspect the trap each morning.

If you happen to catch a possum, you are needed to release it in a day, preferably at, and within 25 metres of where you originally found it. Releasing it an area beyond this stipulated limit would be illegal.

In conclusion, learning how to stop possums from running on your roof is essential for maintaining a peaceful and damage-free home environment.

Regularly inspecting your property for potential entry points and sealing them off will also help in keeping possums at bay. by adopting a proactive and adaptable approach, you can ensure a possum-free roof and enjoy a serene living space for years to come.

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