Most Common Winter Pests in Australia

Most Common Winter Pests in Australia

Different pests display varied behavior and characteristics throughout the year. Some of them hibernate and do not come out of their nests and hideouts. While some begin migrating to warmer surroundings. There are many pests that also begin getting inside human territories and homes looking for warmth and shelter. Home-owners in Australia should definitely need to know about pests that are common during the colder parts of the year.

Most Common Winter Pests in Australia

Winter is a time when many of us prefer to stay indoors, snuggled up with a warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa. However, for some pests, the colder months are the perfect time to seek shelter and food inside our homes. In Australia, winter brings with it a variety of pests that can cause damage to our property and pose a threat to our health. From rodents to insects, these pests can be a nuisance to deal with. In this blog, we will explore the most common winter pests in Australia and provide tips on how to prevent and control their infestations.


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They are warm-blooded animals that find it hard to survive outside in colder weather. These pests get much-needed warmth, shelter and food in human residences. They prefer making their nests in dark, secluded and inaccessible places in residences such as cavities of roofs and walls, attics, etc.

They also use rubbish, shredded paper, plastics and other debris to make their nests in. These pests are dangerous as they carry a host of serious disease-spreading germs and contaminants.


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Cockroaches are harmful pests that can strike into homes even during winters. These pests move through filthy and unclean areas which causes microbes and allergens to get attached to their body.

Cockroaches prefer living in kitchen shelves, cabinets, below the sink, and in bathrooms. These pests can prove to be a huge headache for the homeowners if their infestation is ignored.


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Some ant species can be found nesting below logs of woods, boxes, inside cupboards and many such dark and secure places. These places are ideal as they provide a shelter for raising nymphs as well as easy access to food sources in the house. An ant infestation also can be expensive to your home in terms of the damage it causes to your home.


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Spiders are also common winter pests in Australia. Make sure to follow a continual cleanliness routine to keep off spiders from entering your home. Basic cleanliness habits like regular vacuuming and dusting of the property can help prevent spiders from infesting your place.


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Possums are highly destructive and dirty pests that can hide in attics, roofs and basements. They also enter into human settlements to protect themselves from the harsh weather in winters. Further, they are also protected species under the Wildlife Act 1975. As a homeowner, you should take preventative steps in advance so that your property becomes inhospitable for possums.


There is a popular misconception among people that termites do not grow in winters. Which is not the case. There are the subterranean termite species that enter apartments and residences in winter looking for shelter and food. After which they destroy the place entirely.

Hence you should hire professional pest controllers whenever you suspect a termite infestation. They will conduct a detailed inspection of the place and handle the infestation in an appropriate manner.

Bed Bugs

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Bed bugs also remain active during winter season. They are comfortable in similar temperatures as that of humans. Also, winters are the periods when humans prefer staying home which helps bed bugs to get more food and multiply. These pests live in bags, beds, mattresses, jumpers, couches, upholstery, curtains and more.

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A bed bug infestation is a long-term annoyance for households which does not go away easily. Hence, you need to enlist the services of bed bug control professionals at the earliest after discovering signs of bed bugs in your home.

Do not let pests find safe hiding spots in your home. Once they are in, they will create secure nests for themselves and cause a lot of damage around the property. Which is why it is essential to have an appointment scheduled with your local pest controller regularly.

Take the necessary precautionary measures all through the year so it would be easier to make your unattractive for pests. When your home is pest proofed, it helps in warding off unwanted pests all year round.

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