Pest Control Advice When Buying a New Home

Pest Control Advice When Buying a New Home

Buying a new house is a huge milestone for any family. There is a lot of excitement and buzz while finalizing a property. There are a lot of things that you need to get done before moving in including having the house painted and decorated as per your taste and choice. However, pests and pest control is an aspect that one can tend to overlook.

Failing to pay attention to the pest situation can bring in a lot of recurring costs in repairs and pest extermination after moving in. It is important to pay due attention to this aspect to protect oneself from a lot of financial losses and mental turmoil in future. Needless to say pests also get in a lot of health concerns and diseases. Hence you need to pay a lot more attention to pest control while buying real estate.

As home-buyers this blog can provide practical insights into pest issues and pest extermination necessary before making the decision for a new home and signing the dotted line:

  • Research about common neighbourhood pests

You need to have a better idea of the pests that are common in the neighbourhood of your new home. Understanding the common pests in the neighbourhood can help you know what type of preventative measures are a must before and after moving in to prevent those pests from becoming a huge trouble. Research about the pests will make it easier to anticipate possible issues in advance and have them addressed before moving in. This will ensure that you are able to get your dream home minus the pests. Besides, it is always good to have an idea about the pest situation prior to moving into a new house or neighbourhood.

  • Thorough inspection

It is important to hire a pest exterminator for your property who will go through every nook and corner of the property to check for pest activity. They know potential hideouts of pests and the signs that suggest pest activity. One can observe pests such as rats, rodents, ants, cockroaches but it is hard to find termites which can prove a huge headache for homeowners as these pests eat into wood, flooring, wallpapers etc. Hiring a professional pest controller can save you from expensive termite issues and reparation costs in future.

  • Enquire for previous pest services

Enquire with the previous homeowners with regards to any pest control services that they may have got done in the past. That will help you know whether they have had any pest history and also to understand the effectiveness of those treatments. Also make sure to check for any documentation of the services that have been availed for the pest issues.

  • Look at the exteriors of the property

Have a good look at the exteriors including the deck, patios, outer walls, siding and other portions that are hideouts for pests and can give off any signs of pest activity too. You will also be able to find out access points created by pests for getting in and out of the property. Also do not forget to inspect the foundation of the property and every part of the roof thoroughly.

These areas are used by rodents, pest birds, cockroaches, mites etc. Having these issues sorted before moving in will save you a lot of financial and mental trouble. These simple measures will keep pests out of your door and prevent them from accessing your property.

  • Inspect the location of the property

If the property bears close proximity to garbage bins then there is a huge possibility of the property attracting pests like rodents, ants, cockroaches, raccoons, and mosquitoes. If there is stagnant water surrounding the property, there are high chances of mosquitoes and other insects in the property.

Look for any possible hotspots of pests in the areas surrounding the house and take precautionary measures against them, such as trimming overgrown bushes, covering trash cans, and eliminating standing water.

  • Check the storage areas

You would want to look for the storage areas in the property. Areas such as attics, basements, crawlspaces and vents are hiding spots for spiders, possums, rats, rodents, termites, ants and more. These places offer darkness, and clutter which allows space for all such pests. Inspecting these areas can help in establishing any pest activity, eggs or adult pests.

  • Keep pests out of your new home with maintenance & pest control

It is important to opt professional pest control services if you come across any pest activity in the property that you have finalized. Pest control experts will find out the pest issues and have them resolved in the given time frame. They will also provide you with guidelines and measures to be taken for preventing pests from returning to your property.

  • Regular maintenance

Regularly looking out for pest issues in the property can help in addressing them at the earliest and maintaining the safety and hygiene of the home. It is important to keep up the hygiene of your property even after the purchase. Early detection of pests in a property is key to maintain a clean living space.

Having any gaps and access points sealed with industrial chemicals is a necessary step in keeping off pests from your premises.

Pest control needs to be an important priority when purchasing a new house. Taking proactive measures to manage potential insect problems will help you avoid major troubles and costs prior to the purchase.

You would be able to establish a secure and comfortable living space for you and your loved ones by opting for detailed inspections from experts, learning about the local pests, and putting preventive measures in place.

Consulting with a pest control expert offering pre-purchase inspections is essential. The decision to buy a house or not can be made easily after you get the report from your local pest controller. You will also have a better sense of what may be done to solve pest problems if any and maintain your new house pest-free for a very long time.

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