Where Do Possums Sleep?

Where Do Possums Sleep?

Possums are nocturnal animals that are active during the night. They can survive in wooded areas, jungles, arid and moist areas as well as urban regions. In this blog let us find out more about all the places that possums use for sleeping so that they are safe and well-protected:

How long do possums sleep?

Possums can sleep anywhere between 15-18 hours.

Spots used by possums for sleeping

There are a number of sleeping spots that possums use for sleeping during daylight hours. They select these spots on account of the safety, comfort and shelter they offer to the possums from predators.

  • Attics and barns

Both these places are comfortable, warm and dark – fulfilling the requirements of possums. They will spoil the hygiene of the attic with their droppings and make the place awful. Possums can also be found sleeping in barns where they can collect grass for making a comfortable place for their sleep.

  • Inside trees

Most possum species also prefer sleeping on the ground, there are other species that can sleep in hollows of trees as well. They also can sleep in branches of trees.

  • Openings in rocks

The holes and openings present on rocks also are safe sleeping spots for possums. These spots are secure and strong and can house the possum quite easily. Another advantage of this place being that no predators can access or enter it due to the constricted size of the cracks.

  • Other places

Possums can be found sleeping in hollow stumps and trees, woodpile, brush pile, dens, burrows, and holes created by other animals. They can also sleep in abandoned buildings, sheds and nests that have been vacated by squirrels and other animals. Possums can also use places in crawlspaces below houses. There have been instances, where people have found them sleeping inside a barbecue, on the roof and plant pots in the garden.

Keep your place safe from possums

Possums can damage the household and also compromise the health of your household in an adverse manner. They pollute the atmosphere with their droppings and urine. They try to steal food from your pets and the garbage bin. Hence, it is always better to keep your household and loved ones safe from possums.

Mentioned ahead are some hacks that would help householders protect their property from possums and their colonies. Remember, since they are a protected species, you can only use deterrents on your property and never directly on the possum.

  • Check for any tree branches that may be leaning on the house. These branches can provide possums the access they need to come into your house. Trim such branches from time-to-time.
  • To stop possums from scaling trees and entering other parts of your garden, install iron sheet collars around tree trunks.
  • You can make your own possum repellent by combining water and ammonia in equal proportions. Spray this solution on the entry points of possums, edges of your yard, near the garbage bin and other spots that a possum can use. This will prevent possums from accessing the garbage bin and also your property.
  • LED lights can make your garden look visually attractive but can also deter possums from entering inside.
  • Take a litre of hot water and add 2 tbsps of crushed garlic. Strain the solution and spray it on the vegetable produce, fruits, leaves and other surfaces that you know are frequented by possums. Re-apply it twice every week.
  • Keep mothballs on different access points, such as entrances, corners of the yard, attics, roof cavities and more to repel possums from your property. Possums detest the smell of camphor, garlic, onion, and so these ingredients can be used effectively in creating repellents for driving off possums.
  • Identify and fill the access points and holes present in the property that help possums enter inside. These points can be filled with caulk so that the possums are unable to enter again.
  • Placing cat figurines in the garden, backyard, or patio can also be effectively used to scare off the possums. The reflective and shiny glass eyes can definitely startle the possums and keep them from returning to your premises again.

Possums are marsupials that can sleep during the day in dark and warm places and the spots mentioned in this blog, to save themselves from predators. They may end up sleeping in barns, basements, attics and other sheltered places in residential properties. Get in touch with a licensed and registered pest control service provider if you come across a sleeping possum anywhere in your premises.

Removing them or leaving them outside your property are both illegal and can attract heavy fines from the government. Therefore, it is sensible to have the possums from your property extracted at the hands of experts as possum removal experts are trained to find possums living in the most inaccessible corners of residences.

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